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Chamomile Herb Bottle


Chamomile promotes relaxation~ It is often ingested as a tea for calming purposes.

Chamomile has magickal implications for attracting money & good luck.

"According to an herbalist Matthew Becker, the type of person who responds best to chamomile is one "who complains often…for fretful children…and for adults who act like children." The genus name Matricaria stems from the Latin word matrix meaning 'womb' hinting at its beneficial effects for women. Chamomile possesses what Rosemary Gladstar describes as "soft power" to assuage occasional stress and tension. She suggests not only sipping chamomile tea while bathing in it, but also tucking a chamomile sachet under the pillow at night to promote restful sleep." (MRH)

Comes in a reusable 25 mL glass vial bottle with cork~
**Also available in a set, check my shop.