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Hibiscus Desire


For thousands of years, flowers have been used to express our desires & emotions. Hibiscus flowers represent beauty, freedom, feminity, worthiness, glory, & passion. The hibiscus flower has long been used by witches to attract love, lust, passion & for prophetic dreams. It is also said to offer protection from evil & negative forces.~

It has been said that the secret message behind the Hibiscus flower is to always enjoy life to the fullest because you never know how much time you have left~

This is a deep, dark red colored candle topped with hibiscus petals, magenta glitter, & yellow glitter in the center to represent this beautiful flower.

This candle brings love, passion, beauty, & protection each time it's lit. It is perfect for any space, but best near the entrance of your home, the living room, or the bedroom~

• 9oz jar with a black lid
• Eco wick
• Coconut wax
~*Always use caution with the element of fire.
~*Always trim your wicks down to about 1/4 inch before lighting each & every time.
~*For best results, keep the candle lit for at least 2 hours the first time to make sure the burn is even.
~*Keep away from children, pets, any flammable items, & drafts.

~Please allow time for the creation process (can be up to 5 business days)