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Tranquil Recovery Herbal Smoking Blend


Smoking is often a ritualistic part of the day & this herbal smoking blend is a great addition (or replacement) to your evening bed-time ritual. You can also use this blend for instant relief & a tranquil feel at any time. You will feel clear & calm within minutes & more as some time passes.

This blend is recommended for evenings before bed as it does have a nice relaxing, peaceful effect. You are sure to forget the worries & stresses from the day within the first few puffs! As a result, you will slowly fall into a calm, dreamy, & satisfying sleep!

~Mullein - Known to cleanse your lungs & bring up congestion. This plant can help with inflammation & allergies, too. If you are quitting smoking or have already quit, Mullein can be an outstanding lung restorative!
~Lavender - If you have some trouble sleeping & your mind races as you lay there, you need Lavender! This will help you sleep better & provides a great taste to the blend.
~Rose - For taste. Also said to bring a relaxing effect & an aphrodisiac.
~Marjoram - A smooth tranquil type of herb that has been reported to have a very calming effect.
~Chamomile - Has a sweet, fruity smell that is very rejuvenating & mind cleansing
~Skullcap - One of my favorite herbs! Skullcap can have a sedative effect, but it’s mild. This is what makes it a great blend for a good nights rest~

If the blend seems too harsh or dry, add an orange peel or something slightly damp to the container to help re-moisturize the herbs.

This loose blend comes in a 1/2 oz travel tin, so you can take it with you!

You can smoke this blend alone, mixed in with tobacco, or with other medicinal herbs. You can roll this blend in a joint/cigarette, use it in a pipe, or use it in anything you would smoke other dried herbs out of like a vaporizer.

*If you have an allergic reaction or any irritation, discontinue use.
*If you have any questions about the herbs, contact me!
*As with most herbal products, statements have not been approved by FDA.
*Herbal Smoking Blends are a great alternative to cigarettes & can be helpful if you're trying to quit smoking.
*Although herbal cigarettes can be helpful & beneficial (mostly for your mental health due to the relaxing effect), it's still smoking, & any vegetable matter that's burned produces tar, carbon monoxide, & other toxins. It is always recommended to smoke as sparingly as possible (if at all) or to at least smoke the healthiest, cleanest blend you can (like this one!)

Just Breathe ~ Happy Smoking~Happy Dreaming~Happy Sleeping