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Witch Bottle Kit for Home Protection


•Witch Bottle for Home Protection Kit•

Witch Bottles have been around for many, many years & have been used to both absorb negativity & ward off unwanted guests, criminals, burglars, or anyone in particular as well. •• This kit comes with a 2oz glass bottle with cork, a separate bag with various protective herbs & ingredients, 1 black candle, & some instructions.

~ First set your specific intentions for the bottle & what you need protection from, it's best to say this out loud. Then, you'll need to follow some additional instructions that come with the kit. After that, just put all of the ingredients in the bottle, seal with the candle wax, & bury as close to the front door as possible (or in a flower pot with soil next to your front door

~ Witch Bottles & Spell Bottles are one of my favorite ways to spellcast as I've found I've gotten the best results this way •• Excited to share 🖤✨

Age 16+ recommended