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The Creation Process

Product creation can take up to 7 business days, but will normally be shipped out within 3 days average. The Creative WITCH is run by one spoonie, eclectic witch & sometimes things can take a bit of time to get done. 

I make all of my own products from scratch, do research, read, create labels, create packaging, track inventory, order supplies, create website & keep up to date, social media platforms & posts, ritual creations, create some products with the moon cycles, practice my own self-care, spiritual practices, rituals, home-life, & part-time job. That being said, I do my best to dedicate my all into this & into my craft; I create my products with lots of thought, research, care, love, & magick into them, & these things do take time.

Before I begin creating, I am sure to clear the space & often smudge the area to rid any negative energies. I will normally meditate & clear my own energy & anything I may be carrying with me so as not to pass anything but Loving, Healing, Magickal & Quality product to you.